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Komorebi - Out Now

Fabrizio Brugnera - "KOMOREBI" - OUT NOW:


"Komorebi (木漏れ日) is a Japanese word which has no direct translation in English.

It refers to the showers of light that filters through the trees, a dance between shadow and light.

The interplay of light and dark has also a meaning connected with life and wellness.

It represents the constant battle between feeling happy and sad, a process of continual change.

Komorebi reminds us to look for positivity in little things,

when the sun shines through the trees, it’s a sign of hope.

It encourages us to remember that everything passes, including the darkness."

The music is an uplifting blend of ambient and neoclassical music through a cinematic lens. It seeks to capture a sense of acceptance in the impermanence of life.

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