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Fabrizio Brugnera

Fabrizio Brugnera is an Italian guitarist, composer and producer based in Scotland, his training has been focused on learning classical guitars in parallel with studies of electric and acoustic guitar, electric bass and composition.

During his studies, which took place at the Institute of high music education “G. Briccialdi”, he has been awarded with two scholarships.


He concluded the course in 2005 graduating with full marks.

Starting from 2010 he began to produce soundtracks for short film, advertisings and documentaries.

Around this time, Brugnera also started his own solo project, covering a wide variety of music styles, his music range from neo-classical to ambient, cinematic and electronic.

He has also collaborated with other musicians and producers since 2020.

Eclectic still cohesive, he is constantly walking a bridge between different kind of music.

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