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Roxane Genot

Roxane Genot is a French cellist and composer whose soul is steeped in the ancient world of Celtic ballads and Medieval minstrels. She weaves the rich tapestry of traditional music into her work, echoing the magic of bygone eras. She also plays the Medieval fiddles and the Renaissance viol, which are featured in many of her recordings, such as The Court of Cintra or in her latest original album Tavern Tales From The West. Her first original album, A Weakness for the Moon, is a collection of pieces written in a Celtic style and inspired by the Moon, her phases and the mystical dimension associated to her. 

Roxane dedicates a YouTube channel to her arrangements of video game music and series / movie soundtracks.

Roxane is also recording remotely and in studios for video game soundtracks, such as Crusader Kings III, Knights of Honor II and Wolcen Lords of Mayhem.

Roxane is regularly involved in collaborations with other musicians, her most recurring ones with English pianist and VGM arranger TPR, with whom she recorded 3 joint albums of video game soundtracks: Memories of Fantasies for Piano & Cello , Peaceful Days and Rebirth & Despair. Among her frequent collaborators are Czech singer and guitarist Jan Pouska, Scottish singer and songwriter Karliene and Brazilian singer Gustavo Steiner.

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