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Released: October 27th 2023

Reviewed by: Fabrizio Brugnera - November 1, 2023

It's rare for two leading pianists to team up to play music for four hands, 

however Davide Fasiello and Edoardo Gastaldi have already proved they can play together and work as one,

their latest EP “Realignments" is a metaphorical transversal connecting within and without,

glimpse of memories that delves into the journey of self-discovery, that's how I would briefly describe it.


Music thrives when creative minds meet, after all the rediscovery of the self is a creative process, our lives are interconnected and interdependent, experiences overlay and shape our ultimate selves.

"After tough and dense months, filled with crest and troughs, Edoardo and Davide decide to meet up in person for a Music Festival that hosted them as artists. 

The time spent together helped both to regain a sense of place and meaning.

The two artists seized the moment of inspiration and teamed up to record a small EP consisting of two solo-piano improvisations written in four hands."

What I found interesting was the way in which the two artists mirrored their shared experience, in terms of emotions and feelings, and beautifully crystalized it through music.


Performing at a music festival is an emotionally charged event, when on stage, even the most experienced performer needs time to adjust, 

there is a progressive connection, an interaction between the artist and the audience;


“Lapse”, the first of the two tracks, is a great example of that connection, a gradual bond where awareness leads to alignment, in fact as the artists mentioned, "It’s about that moment in which they sat together at the piano for the first approach, and unexpectedly a sort of progressive "tuning" was created which brought about a sort of final alignment. This track really represents the evolution of a resonating path."

Feeble delicacy to introduce the first notes, a vulnerability exposed with elegance, and then a spark of inspiration, phrases overlapping and locking themselves together into an evocative and dense harmony turning into beauty.

The two pianists played with unique sensitiveness and weaved a captivating narrative, progressively exploring an intimate, conversational chemistry which led to a strong connection between the artists.

“Hypòstasis”, the last track, is dedicated to a concept taken from philosophy. It immediately came to Davide’s mind while thinking of the ideas of coexistence. Hypòstasis sums up the three substances of the intelligible world: the One, Intelligence, and the Soul."

The end of an experience plays a critical role in how it is remembered, most of the time that is the most emotional point, it is a great time to reflect on your learning, during the process the artists are clearly trying to regain balance and make sense of the experience relying on their instinct.

“Hypòstatis” brings back memories, from the very first notes, this feels like an epilogue, blended with richness of heart and soul.

It's the acknowledgement of reality, understanding that progression is an iteration of small actions.

This composition is indeed the essence, the underlying or essential part of what they experienced,

probably leaving treasured memories and a renewed sense of wonder.


The EP comes to an end, marked by the same feeble delicacy, slowly fading into nostalgia, gaining a renewed sense of identity and purpose.

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