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In the ethereal realm of ambient, neo-classical, drone, and experimental music, there exists a luminary named Ostel – a polymath of sonic landscapes, multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer, emotional sound artist and sound designer.


Ostel transcends conventional genres, wielding emotions as his guiding force to craft compositions that beckon listeners into a world of magic and unfiltered emotional sincerity.

Ostel's sonic odysseys are immersive experiences that invite the audience to close their eyes and surrender to the enchanting universe he meticulously crafts.


His music, a tapestry of atmospheric and spatial sounds, seamlessly merges analog and modular synthesizers, acoustic instruments, ambient soundscapes, and intricate layers. Characteristic of Ostel's sonic signature is its duality – a delicate balance between melancholy and positivity.

His compositions offer a haven to lift anxieties, navigate the tumult of madness, and foster meditation and resilience. With each note, Ostel constructs a new space, a sonic refuge where emotions are explored, embraced, and set free.


Central to Ostel's artistic philosophy is an unwavering fascination with the human relationship to reality and the essence of life itself.

These contemplations serve as the wellspring of inspiration for his creations, infusing his music with profound depth and introspection where vulnerability becomes a powerful instrument.

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