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Fabrizio Brugnera - “PARADOX REDUX” - OUT NOW

Fabrizio Brugnera - “PARADOX REDUX” - OUT NOW:

“Paradox” is the 8th track of my album “Ouroboros”, originally released in 2020, it’s a peculiar composition that back then wasn’t fully understood by most, it’s a minimal piece for piano, which sounds very basic rhythmically, a harmonic sequence with a melody “hidden” within the progression of chords themselves, it almost sounds  like a musical idea not fully developed, that was intended, as well as the harmony designed with a sequence of suspensions so it doesn’t fully resolve until the very end of the piece, it represents the paradox of creation within the context and symbolism of the concept album Ouroboros, 9 tracks inspired by the meaning of that symbol and its duality, creation and destruction, symbolising the interconnectedness and the interdependence of opposites within the natural world and within ourselves.

I believe this new version of the track is still faithful to the original meaning of the composition, but there are differences in the arrangement that I think make it a better link (musically) between the 7th track (So the Soul) and the 9th track (Sic Mundus Creates Est).

There is also a bonus ambient version included in the release.

Paradox Redux is now available on all music platforms.

Links to 2020 "Ouroboros" album:

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