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Ostel & Edoardo Gastaldi - "dandelion" - Out Now

Updated: Jul 3

Ostel & Edoardo Gastaldi - “dandelion” - OUT NOW:

“dandelion” is an abstract and deeply metaphorical ambient soundtrack that floats between the lines of experimentalism and hermetism. The collaborative effort that Ostel and Edoardo sealed in the music grows as a way to resemble the intrinsic impermanence of dandelions, fragile flowers, and

eventually of life itself.

The music encompasses multiple layers of meanings, softly driving willing listeners towards the greatest paradoxes of the big consequences and common destiny that living beings can’t avoid.

Since the very beginning, spectators are surrounded by hauntingly distant synth gradations, stratified vocal tapes, fine orchestral assets, and subtly present acoustic and percussive elements.

The title “dandelion” greatly summons the concept of ephemerality. Dandelions are in fact the flowers of impermanence – while they are present, here, they contain infinite beauty.

Though, these flowers are as delicate as a fearful wind. Tomorrow, they will forever be lost in gradients of airstream.

The composition reflects the artists’ attempt to describe the tragic beauty of life, by creating a bond between the notions of disappearance and magnificence.

“dandelion”, lastly, is a great representation of what Ostel’s music is about: this paradox-like feeling, where infinite desolation embraces desire, life.

And all those inherently ever-present dualities are shaped through moody feelings of discrepancy, acceptance, understanding, and forgiveness.

The track is also going to be the first single and opening track of Ostel's 2024 upcoming album.

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